Terrible Public Relations: 10:10 U.K.

Terrible Public Relations: 10:10 U.K.

There is only one thing my mother would say about an advertisement like 10:10UK’s recent ad: “Oh lord.”

10:10’s recent gory and alienating ad has got its sponsor, Sony, so offended by the exploding children that Sony has pulled its sponsorship and for good reason.

What is 10:10 trying to say? If you don’t agree with our efforts, we’re going to annihilate you? Man, oh, man…. the ad gives me Nazi or suicide bomber vibes.

It’s great that people want to reduce their carbon footprint. Heck, I’m planning to build an eco-friendly home in the distant future. If I decide to buy a car again (I just cruise on my Piaggio these day), I’ll choose a hybrid vehicle. When I was in junior high, I won an award from Florida’s governor for my efforts in energy conservation.

It seems that some of these environmental non-profits seem to forget the public and the relations in public relations. The point of their work is to convince people who are not on the bandwagon to join. The point is to welcome them and show them the benefits of becoming more environmentally aware. The relationship part is thrown out the window, because there isn’t room for dialogue. The ads just saying, “You’re an idiot for not agreeing or doing what I do and I’m going to blow you up for not agreeing.”

It’s like Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.” We need to think carefully about the message we’re sending to children living in a multi-cultural and multi-political world.

To be honest, I really wouldn’t recommend it for children, because it’s disturbing.

Watch the video for yourself. What do you think? Do you think that Sony was right for pulling sponsorship?


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