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Coming Out: I’m Intuitive – Part 2

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I had what could be equated to an emotional breakdown (on the night of the full moon eclipse, no less) because I felt Spirit wanting to make its presence known in my life and more specifically, my career.


Coming Out: I’m Intutitive

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I’m just a run of the mill housewife that just so happens to see spirits of people who have crossed over, see colors around people’s bodies (auras), hears messages from Spirit, angels, and dreams prophetic dreams.


Wendy Snyder’s Fresh Start Parenting – RCB Course Review

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I felt personally affirmed through Wendy’s teaching because having grown up in a house where shame and fear were main tools for compliance I knew I wanted to do differently for my kids.


As Night Draws Near: A Passionate Assemblage of Stories Told Through Movement

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Men & Juliette Themovementlab liveloveleslie

By traveling through visual and emotional expression of form and thought, I felt myself moved at some points to tears and couldn’t take my eyes off of the trail of rainbows that followed the evening’s dancers which left me, quite simply, in awe.


Interview with Ana Nieto of Turtle Shell Health

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What got you into personal coaching and teaching? What values and vision do you wish to bring into the world as a result of your work? As a kid I always wanted to help people. I was not sure in which way yet and thought at first about becoming an ophthalmologist just because I needed… Read more »


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