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Messages From A Medium: Who And What Is Spirit?

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holy spirit medium channeling

Spirit is the pure energy force that connects me to the wisdom of the Universe and helps me reference my own very limited database to understand the information that I’m receiving for myself and others.

Your Best Birth: Rachel Flores Midwifery And A Mother’s Nature Birth Services

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a mothers nature midwife doula san diego rachel flores 1

I only look back at my birthing experience with a smile and a warm heart – that’s what Rachel Flores brings to all of the mothers she supports – not just as a doula, but as a qualified and experienced midwife and hypnobirthing educator.

My 5 Favorite Bedtime and Nap Chill Sounds

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sleep sounds

Ah, sleep. Nothing else can seem to compare to what a good night sleep and nap can do for the soul, let alone the body. The “Sleeping Psychic” Edgar Cayce had this to say on sleep, “Dreams, visions, impressions, to the entity in the normal sleeping state are the presentations of the experiences necessary for the… Read more »

My Heart Will Go On: My Unexpected Past Life Journey with Intuitive Holly Hart

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Holly picked up on specific areas of physical ailments on my body and helped me see how they connected to emotional and relationship blocks in my life. What was the most surprising was the largest energetic cord that I was attached to: a past life!

Coming Out: I’m Intuitive – Part 2

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I had what could be equated to an emotional breakdown (on the night of the full moon eclipse, no less) because I felt Spirit wanting to make its presence known in my life and more specifically, my career.

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